Upper cervical pain can have many causes and can be the primary cause of many headaches that apparently occur for no reason. Inflammation resulting from sleeping with your head at an odd angle or even falling from a short distance can dramatically affect the neck and head, resulting in varying degrees of upper cervical pain. Without proper care, the pain could become worse. If the pain is from an injury like whiplash, it may lead to long-term, chronic pain that will always be present to some degree. The Healing Touch Chiropractic in Sacramento, CA, is here to help with your cervical pain.



The most common causes of upper cervical pain come from holding your head at an odd angle for long periods of time, whiplash resulting from a car accident or fall, and possibly from hitting your head on an object. The upper cervical bones are the key connectors between your head and neck. Any injury to these bones or the neck area, in general, can lead to chronic, long-term pain. With whiplash and falls, you may not realize how badly you injured your neck until a few hours later.

Treatment Options

Injuries like whiplash or hitting your head can sometimes cause the small fluid-filled discs in the neck to rupture or become pinched between two vertebrae. Chiropractic adjustments are helpful, as well as decompression that relieves the pressure on the spine. Combining these treatment options with deep tissue massage will help to speed up the healing process, help regain your range of motion and improve overall flexibility.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Part of the reason chiropractic care is so beneficial is that it helps to maintain structural alignment. When the body is in balance, the blood flows easily without facing any obstacles or obstructions. Oxygen and nutrients are carried to injured areas in abundance and tissues begin to heal naturally and at a faster pace. When deep tissue massage is included, the soft tissues become stronger and work to help maintain that delicate balance.

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