Our chiropractic office sees many patients that are looking for a chiropractor in midtown Sacramento and have had their lives disrupted by injuries and pain. Our main goal is to help our patients manage their pain. The approaches and techniques Dr. Darrick Lawson, Dr. Tyler Harrison, and Dr. David Evans use have had effective results, which get our patients out of pain and back to their regular lives. Usually, pain is the last symptom to appear and the first symptom to disappear. Recently, chiropractic care was rated as the #1 preferred treatment for low back care by Consumer Reports. 59% of people surveyed were highly satisfied with their chiropractic back pain care, while only 39% were highly satisfied with their primary physician’s back pain care.

Most patients just need minor adjustments, while other patients need more attention and work done on their backs. Similar to going to the orthodontist, the chiropractor requires regular visits during treatment to ensure that the spine is adjusting correctly to the patient’s treatment plan.

At The Healing Touch Chiropractic, we see patients who have lost necessary spinal curves. Some patients deal with spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis. If spinal problems aren’t treated they could lead to early degeneration and other negative effects in later years. Many individuals don’t know that there are treatments and relief for bad spinal curves. At The Healing Touch Chiropractic, we offer a technique called Pettibon spinal rehab. Pettibon focuses on correcting bad spinal curves to their proper curvature while balancing the soft tissue around the spine.

Abnormal spinal curves or the loss of spinal curves is not something to ignore because they will not heal on their own. Loss of proper spinal curves puts pressure on spinal joints which can lead to spinal decay and arthritis. Not having proper spinal curves is also connected to tension headaches, lower back pain, heart and lung problems and sciatica.  Having your chiropractor check your spine regularly is as important as going in for a wellness check-up or getting screened for cancer. Making frequent appointments with your chiropractor ensures that your spine  is working properly.


Treatment in this phase allows you to prevent further problems, allowing you to enjoy everyday life. As a patient follows their personalized wellness plan they are being “proactive” with their health instead of “reacting” to their health problems. The Healing Touch Chiropractic treats patients who understand the importance of their health. Many patients take a “proactive” approach by coming in periodically to make sure that their spine is at optimal performance. If problems do arise, these problems are much easier to fix than patients who do not come in on a regular basis.

Scoliosis is a disease that is manageable when treated proactively, rather than reactively. More females have scoliosis than males. Scoliosis symptoms begin to appear in the early teenage years. Many schools have programs that help diagnose scoliosis, but they do not offer any treatment programs. A teenager may know that they have scoliosis, yet they don’t know that they need treatment to manage their symptoms.The only thing a teenager may notice about their spine is that it looks funny. As a teenager reaches their 20’s or early 30’s they will begin to experience pain and discomfort from their condition. While scoliosis can be fixed, it becomes harder to fix the longer a patient waits to get help.


Whatever phase of care you need, our office has the latest technology to help you achieve your health goals. During your first appointment, we will tell you if our services can’t benefit your health. Our promise to you is that we will help you if we can. If we don’t think our services will benefit you, we will help you find the right treatment.


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