If you have suddenly began struggling with sharp back pain in your lower back, tingling and pins and needles sensations in your lower extremities, and are of older age, you might be suffering from a herniated disc. This condition is also known as bulging disc. Whatever you call it, this is a debilitating condition that can cause severe pain and make it difficult to complete even the most basic activities like walking. In order to treat herniated discs, you may get help from a chiropractor.


At The Healing Touch Chiropractic in Sacramento, CA, we're on a mission to help our patients feel relief from herniated or bulging discs. With the help of a chiropractor on our team and the rest of our staff, you or your loved one can start feeling relief from the symptoms of a herniated disc.

What Is a Herniated Disc? 

A herniated disc occurs when the fluid within a disk that lies in between the vertebrae begins to leak out. As the fluid leaks out, it begins to compress surrounding nerves and tissues around the spine.

The disks that can rupture are located in between the vertebrae of the spine and provide cushioning and support. In addition to compressing the surrounding nerves, herniated discs can also make it very difficult to do simple activities such as walking. People might start to feel pain when sitting for too long or standing for too long.

In addition, herniated disc can also trigger sciatica. Sciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve becomes compressed. This can occur due to herniated disc fluid compressing the sciatic nerve. Herniated discs can occur to anyone in any age bracket. However, it is most common in older adults or people that work physical labor and continuously use their back to lift and move. 

How Can a Chiropractor Treat My Herniated Disc?

A chiropractor on our team will help determine whether your back pain is caused by herniated disc or bulging disc. If it is caused by this condition, the most effective treatment is spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression is also known as traction therapy, and it is incredibly effective in helping alleviate pain from herniated discs as well as "popping" the disks back in place using negative pressure. A chiropractor on our team will help determine the number of spinal decompression treatments needed, as well as initiate the treatment using a traction table.

Find Relief from Herniated Disc at The Healing Touch Chiropractic

Whether you need spinal decompression or another type of treatment, our chiropractor is here to help provide you with chiropractic care for a herniated disc. Call us at (916) 447-3344 The Healing Touch Chiropractic serving Sacramento, CA.


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