At The Healing Touch Chiropractic in Sacramento CA, our chiropractor team, led by Dr. Darrick Lawson, Dr. Tyler Harrison, and Dr. David Evans, meets people every day who are frustrated by neck pain. To help spread awareness about neck pain, we're sharing our top five things to know.

Our Chiropractors Can Provide Neck Pain Relief

5 Fast Facts about Neck Pain

    1. Neck pain is extremely common. About 1 in 3 people experience an episode of neck pain every year. Women are affected more often than men. Along with low back pain, neck pain is one of the leading causes of disability, lost wages, and reduced productivity. 
    2. Neck pain symptoms vary significantly. Acute neck pain often feels sharp, especially during certain movements. Chronic neck pain often feels sore and stiff. Both acute and chronic neck pain can also present with headaches, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, difficulty sleeping, and arm/shoulder pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling. These symptoms vary from person to person and may get worse or better with certain activities.
    3. There are several risk factors for neck pain and many are preventable. These include poor posture, stress, frequent heavy lifting or repetitive overhead movement, and acute trauma such as a car accident or slip and fall. Advancing age and female gender are non-preventable risk factors, but they still can be mitigated through healthier life choices.
    4. A chiropractor is highly trained in diagnosing neck pain conditions. A few of the most common underlying causes of neck pain we diagnose at our Sacramento chiropractic clinic include whiplash, muscle strains, osteoarthritis, disc herniation or bulge, and cervical radiculopathy.
    5. Chiropractic care provides effective drug-free neck pain treatment. We use adjustments, exercises, massage, and lifestyle counseling to concurrently relieve neck pain symptoms and address the underlying causes of your pain to help get long-lasting relief!

Living with Neck Pain? 

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