I now have a life worth living.

My name is Tracee Arrowood. My story may not seem like an exciting tale that one would choose to read. However, it was one I was unable to put down. It was like being caught in a rotating door, but there were no openings where there should have been. When it seemed like everyone else was finding their opening, I couldn't. That's what it felt like in my story. Then I met Dr. Lawson, who was able to finally show me that though I may not see my opening, there would be one soon enough. Sure enough, there was an exit for me too. Arrowood__Tracee_1.jpg

I'm not exactly sure where my story begins. Like many others, I have been through many trying times, both mental and physical. Of course, like most, I never really dealt with either. That was until I truly couldn't put it off any longer.

I had been dealing with back pain that kept getting worse for almost a year. Which felt like a lot longer. I was unable to sleep, drive, and almost unable to walk. I was taking lots of medication, which of course didn't help. I am only 27 years old and I was relying on my mother to do everything I should have been doing. I was crying all the time and it was taking a toll on my husband and my 6-year-old son. I had given up hope. I finally decided to see a chiropractor after months of everyone telling me to. I was scared and had no insurance. I was sure it would cost too much. I was wrong.

When I first met Dr. Lawson, he put me at ease and told me I would get better. After my x-rays, I knew he was right. That was when my life changed. I finally saw a light at the end of my very long and dark tunnel. I was sure there was going to be a good ending to my story after all, and that I might be able to exit that rotating door of doom. It didn't happen over night, and I did have a major set back after a fall. However, I now realize that although I have exited my rotating door, there isn't an ending to my story after all. Now it is a story I enjoy reading, and don't want to put down. It is exciting and entertaining and I get to do things I never dreamed of.

I am hiking, working out, and keeping up with my son. And some day I'm going to do a marathon. I now have a story and a life worth living. I truly believe without The Healing Touch and Dr. Lawson, I wouldn't be here today. THANKS DR. LAWSON!!!

Tracee Arrowood


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