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Welcome to The Healing Touch Chiropractic!

When you call The Healing Touch Chiropractic, you will be helped by Sara, Jaime, or Jenna.  They will be happy to make your appointment for a free consultation. Just call us at (916) 447-3344! Once here, you will complete some very brief forms (also available on this web site -- click here


Then you'll meet with Dr. Lawson in one of our comfy consultation rooms.  During this free consultation you'll get to share all your health concerns with the doctor.  Meanwhile, Sara, Jaime, and Jenna will evaluate your insurance coverage so we can discuss your benefits and estimate what your out of pocket expenses, if any, will be.  Don't worry if you have no insurance, many of our patients do not.  That is why we have very affordable treatment plans at The Healing Touch Chiropractic.

auto_accident_chiropractic.jpg X-rays, if needed, can be performed right on site.  All charges will be discussed in advance so there will be no surprises.  The goal here is to identify the cause and extent of any problems. If we determine you have a chiropractic problem, then and only then can we accept your case. 

Chiropractic treats a condition known as Vertebral Subluxation.  When the bones of the spine go "out of place" they impinge upon the nerves.  Since the nerves control every function in the body, subluxations result in unwanted health conditions and/or pain.  Dr. Lawson and Dr. Kamerman use your x-rays to determine the location and severity of any subluxations, and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Rest assured, most spinal subluxations can be corrected.


Dr. Lawson and Dr. Kamerman will spend quite a while evaluating your films and determining your protocol.  So after your first visit, we will ask you to return as soon as possible to see your films and discuss your treatment plan with the doctor.  We will give you all the treatment options as well as discuss how your insurance may participate and provide payment plans for the uncovered portions of your treatment.  Again, should you not have chiropractic coverage, we will provide comfortable and affordable payment options for you.

00_exam_room_4x.png Adjustments are the treatment chiropractors provide to correct subluxations.  Dr. Darrick Lawson is certified in many chiropractic techniques from "old school bone mover" to many "soft" techniques so he can find the best method for you.  Dr. Lawson and Dr. Kamerman do everything possible to make sure your treatment is the most comfortable and beneficial treatment possible.  In addition, we utilize Chiropractic Biophysics mirror image work which results in post x-ray correction of most subluxation patterns and even scoliosis. 

And on most days, you get the extra bonus of Puppy Therapy from Dr. Lawson's "kids," Willie (a calm and sometimes shy Bloodhoud), and the dynamic duo of Blanche and Hugo (French Bull dogs).  And also he recently re-home Mickey, a Cockapoo! Chiropractic is awesome but if you add just a little puppy therapy, the healing is amazing.  Waiting_Room.jpg

We look forward to serving your needs at The Healing Touch Chiropractic.  Know we will do all we can to help you.  Dr. Lawson has been in practice over 25 years.  And he is more passionate today than ever in his mission to help people live healthy pain free lives.


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