Natalie Bruton-Yenovkian - As a last ditch effort I came to see you.

Dear Dr. Darrick, Natlie

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the quality chiropractic care I received from The Healing Touch.

After my automobile accident, I sought medical treatment to alleviate my pain. After months and years of physical therapy, painful nerve treatments and dozens of prescription drugs, I began to think that the pain I was experiencing would be a lifelong debilitation. As a last ditch effort, I came to see you.

Immediately upon arrival, you and your staff made me feel welcome and eased any fears and concerns I was having. At that time, I felt so emotionally drained from the car accident as well as losing my faith in modern medicine. Within the first week of treatment at The Healing Touch, I noticed substantial improvement with my right arm and hand in addition to a lower pain level. After a few months of treatment, I felt so much better, both physically and emotionally.

I cannot thank you or your staff enough. Your kindness, patience and willingness to help me will always be remembered.

With sincere appreciation for all you've done.


Natalie Bruton-Yenovkian


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