Adams__Darla_Pic_1.JPG Darla Adams

"Before I became a patient at The Healing Touch, the pain in my neck and left shoulder was awful. It all began in November of 2000. Like most people I went and saw my medical doctor, only to end up taking too much Ibuprofen for three years. I also tired Physical Therapy, but it was only temporary.

"I am not a young person; I have worked hard through the years, had many difficulties, with no real good solutions. The problems added to my neck pain I'm sure. With all of my searching, there was a solution the whole time, chiropractic care!

"One of my work associates referred me to Dr. Lawson. I resisted Chiropractic care because I did not want to have to do it for the rest of my life. But I have had such pain relief since starting chiropractic care that doing this forever is no longer an issue. My neck pain was a problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nothing I did found relief. I was horrified when my own medical doctor x-rayed me and said, "well, it isn't arthritis, yet, but most likely it will be."

I was completely pain free in only 3 consecutive appointments. In comes Dr. Lawson who never considered for a second that we were defeated. He then proved it to me.

Since starting chiropractic care, I have no more chronic pain. I can play the guitar, swim and watch television with no neck pain. My enjoyment of daily life has improved 1000% since getting chiropractic care.

If I am still seeing him when I'm 70, who cares. It sure beats 4 Ibuprofen, 12 times a day with little result.

Thank you, Dr. Lawson, you are a professional and you absolutely care. Your care has greatly impacted my enjoyment in my everyday life!

Darla Adams


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