Unfortunately, back pain is a common ailment, especially as you age. Back pain can significantly interrupt your day as well as your sleep. The good news is along with chiropractic care and a few simple back pain remedies, you can ease your back pain. At The Healing Touch Chiropractic in Sacramento, CA, we have treated back pain for many years. Here are a few simple back pain remedies to help relieve your pain and discomfort.

Get Moving

When you are experiencing pain in your back, the best way to reduce the pain in your back is to get moving. Stretching will help to loosen up those tense muscles and strengthen the muscles that need help. If you’re new to exercising, consult with your chiropractor for advice on the exercises and stretching techniques that are beneficial for back pain.

Improve Your Posture

If your days consist of sitting in front of a computer, it can be more harmful than you think. Sitting for long periods can have a significant impact on your back, but maintaining good posture can help minimize the impact of this. It’s important to make sure your feet are flat on the floor; the keyboard is within easy reach and avoids leaning forward or slumping over your desk. Taking breaks to get up and walk around will also help to reduce the constant tension in your upper and lower back.

Schedule a Massage

Talk with your chiropractic care provider in Sacramento, CA about scheduling a massage. A gentle massage on sore and tense muscles is one of the most relaxing and effective ways to loosen up muscles and relieve back pain. Visiting your chiropractor for a massage can not only help reduce back pain but also improve back function and reduce the need for over-the-counter pain medications.

If you experience back pain that lasts longer than six weeks, the pain gets worse, even after trying at home back pain remedies, the pain wakes you up at night or the pain is accompanied by tingling, numbness or weakness in your arms or legs, contact your chiropractor to schedule a spinal exam.

Chiropractic Care in Sacramento, CA

For more information on back pain remedies or to schedule a spinal exam, contact The Healing Touch Chiropractic in Sacramento CA. Call us at (916) 447-3344 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.


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